Fear is the body's built-in survival mechanism designed to keep you safe. But excess fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic stress put our survival instincts into overdrive when there is not an immediate threat to our life.

   The fear cycle exists to keep us safe...but many times ends up making us feel unsafe.

We think if we plan enough, come up with alternatives and solutions to all possible problems, we'll be good. But focusing on the problems reaffirms the need for anxiety, because life is then "just a series of problems you have to anticipate and/or solve." And well, that just sounds exhausting.

I am so familiar with this way of living it's SCARY...pun intended.

I've googled the nearest hospitals on family vacations, stocked my medicine cabinet with every over the counter remedy, stayed up all night too scared to sleep, woken up with anxiety and fear with no idea why, and spent years in talk therapy trying to cope.

then I hit my rock bottom...

I was laying on my living room couch, so physically dizzy from anxiety for the 30th day in a row that I could hardly walk. I texted my then fiance, now husband, to come home from work. I hadn't slept in nearly 3 days and was desperate for help.  

I went to the doctor looking for answers, and what I got was medication. I tried it for a few days, slept a little, and begged God/The Universe/Source for a better solution - numbing myself with medicine just didn't feel right to my body or my mind.

I made myself a promise to open my heart and my mind to seeing things differently.

When I did, I was lead to tools that opened me up to myself...who I was without the fear. For a long time I thought I WAS my fear - that anxiety was hardwired into my DNA and coping was the best I could do...but I learned that belief was a LIE.  

I promised myself that if I found inner peace, I would teach others like me how to find it too.

This is me keeping my promise.

 With 6 core modules and a ton of bonuses, I walk you through the steps to go from anxiety, panic, and chronic stress, to fearless, badass, I-can-do-anything-I-want-and-I-really-believe-that vibes.  

If you want to get to your soul-center, the one that isn't afraid, and unlock your mind, your positivity, and a fearless way of living, this course is most definitely for you.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone who feels held back by fear. Whether you have debilitating anxiety, chronic daily stress, or struggle to show up for yourself and your desires because of fear, this course is meant for you. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is my story, but everyone's path is different. If it FEELS like this course can help you, it will. Trust yourself and your gut.

Absolutely not. The course is yours forever, so if you know now is the time but something comes up, you'll be able to do the course whenever it fits for you love.

The course starts RIGHT when you enroll. You get instant access to all 6 modules and all the bonuses.